Friday, March 11, 2011

Keeping in Touch, sort of

While I was in Cambodia working at the Documentation Center, I tutored some high schoolers who also worked there. (I wrote about it a bit here.) The Director had asked me to help them improve their English writing. I recently received an email from a few of them, and you can judge for yourself how successful I was!

I got this one first:

dear! teacher!
We are very miss teacher so much, How are you!
I hope teacher will teach us again, at the end I wish teacher good luck gooog health and success in work, If teaher got my Email pleas reply to me soon ok,
from your best student Tina, Romas, Sarath,

And then a couple of days later, this one:

Dear Alex!
How are you nowadays? I hope that you are fine right? how about your study? Going well or not? I hope that you can do it to the good point.
For me, it always have the problem with my study because there has a lot of subject to study, so I must to challenge to try hard to study.
I and our team really miss you so much because we always think about your teaching us and I hope that we'll see you again.
OK! Take care.
Best wish!

Their emails are obviously totally adorable, and I'm highly flattered that a year after the fact my students are keeping in touch, especially given what a rotten ESL teacher I was. There's no doubt in my mind that I learned much more from them about Cambodia than they learned from me about English grammar, but it was certainly a fun experience.

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Keeping In Touch said...

It’s great that everything is moving forward. The pain is the problemw. I had necrotize faciitis. It’s 13the months now for me and I still have pain. It is not severe. I found the supports is big help. She is getting alot of it. Keep in touch.