Monday, July 6, 2009

More random photos

Some photos I've taken recently, in no particular order.

Here's the outside of a rural temple I visited briefly this weekend:

And here is a shrine inside the temple. The temple itself is a beautiful, ancient stone structure in the jungle, surrounded by the ruins of older, smaller temples. It's at the top of some very picturesque stairs; you can hear the monks chanting inside as you climb up to the main entrance. Once you get inside you see this:

This photo doesn't really do the shrine justice. From outside, the interior of the temple is completely dark---all you can see is the christmas lights on the shrine flashing in different patterns, like a misplaced slot machine.

A stupa in the nearby village, containing the bones of a mass grave left over from the Khmer Rouge days. In the local version of Buddhism, people's bones must be cremated, but only by their relatives. Since these bones are unidentified, nobody's allowed to burn them. There are stupas like this one all over the country. Some have proposed holding a national cremation of remains like these, but it's been delayed while the trials are going on, in case the bones are needed for evidence.

Some pickled ants we had for lunch the other day. Surprisingly, quite delicious---the eggs go pop in your mouth!

A guardian statue outside the National Museum:

Louise at the beach:

A monk jumping from one building to another. The cloths are monks' robes drying in the sun.

A woman plowing her rice field in the countryside:

A moto driver sleeping near my house:

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