Thursday, June 19, 2008

They can go to hell

I'm at work. There was a big blackout yesterday, so I couldn't get onto the internets. They have load shedding here, so at designated hours the electricity goes out in different neighborhoods (although it's usually far longer than it's supposed to be), but yesterday the whole city was out.

Wow. Some people just have NO idea what's going on here -- a woman just called from the Harare Interflora office to say that the Dutch office of Amnesty International had put in an order for flowers to be sent to one Jenni Williams (the director of a women's rights group here) at Chikurubi Maximum Security Jail. She knew that the flowers would never arrive if she just sent them on, so could we please help?

Chikurubi is one of the most notorious prisons here, which must make it one of the most miserable prisons on earth. Inmates are starved, overworked, overcrowded, diseased, beaten, and generally forgotten. I gave the message to Dzimbabwe: he just laughed and said they should go to hell.

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