Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A question of doctrine

David just came in with Connie and another woman whose name I don't know. They all lined up in front of me, giggling fit to bust, and David said "Alex, we have a problem which we cannot settle amongst us alone, so we put it to you. This woman here is claiming that although she has lost her virginity, she has regained through the power of God her 'secondary virginity,' whatever that may be. What do you think of this?" I was rather stumped, so I said that I didn't think it was so unreasonable, and that what she'd gotten back was her chastity although technically not her virginity. Then I pointed out that there's an operation to restore the hymen for those who care enough. But she said she'd gotten that back too, at which point I said that I would have to take her word for it.


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